Appliances Guide,Carbon,Calculator,Green Your Lifestyle acts as the nucleus of individual and organizational actions to tackle climate change in Hong Kong. The Climateers programme encompasses both the web portal and a wide range of supporting offline-community activities and on-going projects. By promoting climate change awareness of the general public and strategic communities, Climateers aims to create a hub for a movement that will put Hong Kong on the map with other world cities on a common mission to tackle climate change. As a hub for climate change information, solutions, networking and social & cultural discussion, backed by a cutting edge carbon calculator specific to a Hong Kong lifestyle, is a first-of-its kind initiative in Asia.

WWF Hong Kong gratefully acknowledges HSBC as the lead partner in bringing the Carbon Calculator and the Climateers low carbon lifestyle programme to Hong Kong.

Climateers is a platform for the people of Hong Kong to debate and design lifestyles that will save the planet from climate change. We thank HSBC for having the vision to support this first of a kind initiative and to help us explore what Hong Kong can do to change the world. Together we invite the people, companies and organisations of Hong Kong to join us and work to make a new way of living possible.

- Eric Bohm, CEO of WWF Hong Kong

HSBC, being the first major bank to achieve carbon neutrality in September 2005, is committed to encouraging a low-carbon lifestyle in Hong Kong. At the global level, WWF & HSBC work together to combat climate change in the five-year HSBC Climate Partnership. As the lead partner of the Climateers & Carbon Calculator project, HSBC in Hong Kong will mobilise its staff to integrate carbon footprint awareness into their daily life through its "HSBC Climate Partnership" programme, as well as to become active participants of the Programme. It is hoped that WWF's experience with HSBC will help future rollout of the calculator to other communities and companies.

When it comes to combating climate change and promoting a greener Hong Kong, HSBC turns to its long-time partner WWF for practicable and innovative solutions. HSBC staff and their families will be among the first communities to participate in the Climateers programme. We appeal to all Hong Kong people and companies to join us and make tangible changes in our daily lives for a more sustainable world.

- Teresa Au, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability,
HSBC Asia Pacific Region

WWF and HSBC have a close working relationship in Hong Kong, in numerous areas of conservation. Before the current Climateers Programme and the Carbon Calculator project, the two organisations have brought together highly successful conservation projects like the wetland management training programme, Hoi Ha Marine Life Education Centre in Hong Kong, and wetland conservation projects in mainland China.

HSBC and Climate Partners. Finds out more about HSBC's programme in Hong Kong.