1. The programme is organised by WWF-Hong Kong (World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong). All staff and immediate family of WWF-Hong Kong are not eligible for the programme.

2. Each participant can only enrol in the programme once. WWF-Hong Kong will use participant’s Hong Kong identity card number as identification.

3. Reserved seats for all programme activities are not transferable.

4. Participants must agree to and abide by all service conditions, regulations and other terms set by WWF-Hong Kong. Any non-compliant behaviour will result in automatic disqualification.

5. In case of encountering force majeure, WWF reserves the right to cancel, terminate, change, or suspend the programme.

6. Personal information submitted here will be saved and used by WWF- Hong Kong for future communication. Without your permission, WWF-Hong Kong will not share the information provided with any third party. If you do not wish to be contacted again by WWF-Hong Kong in the future, please inform us by calling our hotline at 2526 1011.

7. WWF-Hong Kong reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the programme without prior notification. Participants must agree to comply with the relevant requirements.

8. WWF-Hong Kong reserves the right to make final decisions in every aspect of the programme, including but not limited to disqualifying any participant and changing activity dates. WWF-Hong Kong’s decisions must be held final and indisputable.

9. The programme is compliant with Hong Kong SAR law. Disputes must be settled in the Hong Kong SAR Court.

10. 10. By enrolling in the programme, participants agree to share their Carbon Profile to the public and to attend all the related promotional activities organised by WWF, including but not limited to media interviews, press conferences, etc

11. Employees of organisations sponsoring or in partnership with WWF on the programme will not receive preferential access to information or preferential conditions of any kind as a result of their employer’s support, and therefore are permitted to participate in the programme.

12. The experiential items in the programme will be held by experienced WWF staff in the field to ensure the safety of participants. The programme will cover the Third Party Liability Insurance. Participants may further apply for other personal accident insurance based on their own needs.
13. In the event participant involved in an accident, is injured or if there is any emergency situation, participant should notify WWF staff in charge immediately.
14. By enrolling in the programme, participants understand and agree with the above terms.

15. In case of discrepancy between the English version of terms and conditions and its Chinese translation, the English version shall prevail.